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Make your Dreams Come True - Let us Design and Custom Make your Engagement, Wedding, Promise Ring or any piece of Jewellery you might want.

Custom Jewellery We Specialize in Custom Designed and Manufactured Wedding, Engagement, Promise Rings or any other Jewellery Item you may want. Let us work with you to create your Dream!. Expertly made with Personal Service.

Our Diamonds come with a Gemological Institute of Ameria Certificate(GIA) which is a world standard certificate. We also provide an insurance valuation from an indepentant valuer. .Custom Jewellery I offer a great way for you to have something made especially to your design. I also offer items much cheaper than you a likely to get made in a Jewellery Store by an employee.

The reason is simple as I work from a workshop and not a Jewellery store so I don't have to pass on any of those nasty overheads which jewellery stores are compelled to do. Also I am self employed so I can give you all the persoal service and attention that your piece of jewellery deserves. All I need is your ideas in the form of a sketch or photo and we can start from there. It is very easy. So let me give you a no obligation Free quotation for your special piece of Jewellery. Email me or phone - 0249450990 so we can discuss what you would like. If you email me and want to send an image, just send it as an attachment. Please take a look at some of the classical and unique designs that we have made for some of our happy customers.

Firstly, email me and tell me what you want. Let me know the metal that you would like it made in and any other information you have. If say, you see a picture on another site then send it to me or direct me to that site. You might like a ring made with a bit of this and a bit of that. Well if you can show me a few pictures with those details then we can discuss what you want. Or, you can send me a sketch. From there we can discuss it until I have enough info to give you a quote. It is a good idea to let me know what your budget is so we are not heading in the wrong direction.

It is just a guide so no need to be exact. So Contact me and lets get started with your exciting piece of Custom Jewellery. - Gary When pricing for your custom creation there are three factors to consider. Design, Cost of Metal and Cost of Labour. 1. Design - We do not charge for the initial consultation. Once you have decided on your general design, then we can go ahead and make the design with our CAD programe (Computer Aided Design). The cost involved for the design is usually one third deposit of the final cost. 2. Materials -Stones - We can source Diamonds and Gemstones for whatever budget you have.

Usually because we don't have overheads we can give you excellent value for the quality of the stones of your choice. 3.Cost of Labour - The more complicated the design the more intensive the craftmanship will need to be. Pieces with lots of delicate work such as Filigree or multiple diamonds create time consuming work.

Alternatively simple settings with limited embellishments will not be as labour intensive. How long does it Take? Depending on the design and the amount of work involved we normally take about 4 -6 weeks. If there is a special time frame required then as these are made by us we can often make them faster for you. Guarantee - All manufacturing is guaranteed.

What our customers had to say
A Testimonial from a happy customer. Hi Garry Just thought I'd let you know that the proposal was a success, I proposed in Sri Lanka on top of an old rock fortress. The ring looks amazing and Phoebe absolutely loves it. She has received lots of compliments already - almost on a daily basics from her clients. We've had a few people ask for your contact details. If you send down some business card...s we'd be happy to give them out. We'll need you to make a couple of wedding bands sometime in the near future. Awesome job - thanks! Regards Travis Ps Is it ok to clean the ring using a ultra sonic jewelry cleaner?

Cheers once again Diamond engagement ring Chris who lives in Brisbane asked me to make a ring to his budget and so the two of us worked on the design for a week or two. Then I went hunting around the world's diamond suppliers and came across a gorgeous big stone certified by the b...est institute for this the Gemological Institute of America. We had the box specially made in New Zealand. It is so nice to be apart of the big secret and wait for the big day and get the feedback.

Diamond engagement ring Congratulations Mark, another successful proposal. Proposal Rings - Coming Soon! I just spent three days at the Australian Jewellery Fair in Sydney looking for the latest products and trends from around the world. I am interested in making and providing commitment rings. These are very popular with the gay community and... also with divorced people who rarely go through an engagement period second time around so they opt for rings to show their commitment to each other. People ask me to make these rings and they are the same for each partner or slightly different. At the fair I came across a supplier who has been making these for 50 years and his work is very special. These ring which I will be promoting soon are of the highest quality I have ever seen. I'll tell you some more about these rings in the near future.

Gary, You did it again! I can't thank you enough. The professional way this ring was made and the perfect workmanship is a credit to you. Thank you again, I will be wearing this ring everywhere. My wife is still wearing the ring you made for her and loves it. Gary - Kansas USA Blue opal & diamonds in gold pendant Hello Gary, My Wife was over the moon when I gave here this beautiful piece of jewellery. She couldn't believe that I designed it and had it made for her. When I told her how easy it was she said that she would like to have more made!! Thank you again! Roger... Queensland.

Dear Gary, November Just to let you know that the rings arrived safely yesterday afternoon. and I love them! I have already has compliments about my ring and am planning to give my partner his ring tomorrow. The opals are beautiful - it was really good to be able to see them in detail on the website. It's also nice when you're buying something so individual ( as opposed to costume jewellery) to know you are buying from a person and not some massive company. Keep up the good work! Best wishes, Jane. UK

Hi Gary, The pendant arrived this morning and I absolutely love it, thank you! It was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for and was starting to despair of finding it anywhere. It was bought with a small legacy from my grandma to remember her by and I think she would have been really pleased with it. Thanks also for the earrings, that was a lovely surprise. I will definately recommend you to people. Sarah - United Kingdon -

Hello Gary, I got the ring today. It fits and looks great. Thanks for the stud earrings. Marion. New York. November p.s. I am interested in another ring, but it will have to wait a little white because I don't have a lot of money right now. January 2006 Hi Gary, I received the pendant yesterday and I think you've done a magnificant job. The opal and sapphire really compliment each other beautifullu. You were right, the photo really didn't do it justice, that stone has some fabulous colours in it. Thanks again Justine.

Back again! I've attached some designs that are along the ideas I have, as well as 2 of the loose stones I like the most. The sapphire is 3mm across & would be on top. I have had some nice comments on the ring too! Thanks Juz. I got the ring in my mailbox today. I am really pleased and proud to have the ring, What a piece of jewelery....It's got a lot of culture in it if that works....It's like a world ring...I love the way the thing looks...Thank you for something special.....it's perfect just like it is and that's beautiful.....good night. J. Williams - Guam.

Gary, The ring arrived last Friday. It's beautiful. I cannot believe all the color in the opal. The only thing that could make it better would be if the stone were solid and not a doublet, but then I'd probably have to re-mortgage my home to buy it. It is the most beautiful opal I have ever seen. Thank you so much for the hard work and the final product. I will definitely keep you in mind for more opal jewelry in the future. -Mary

Hi Gary, It's here!! woo hooo! thank-you thank-you thank-you! It's magnificent. It fits my thumb perfectly and if I can just can't stop staring at it for long enough I'll send to Stephanie who's in the U.S. She'll be here in May but would go insane if I made her wait until then.

Just wanted to let you know I got it and to tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for us. At such a resonable price. You've exceeded my expectations everytime and I do appreciate it very much. I'll take some photo's tonight and write a testimonial for your website if you'd like. -Graham