How to Get Started

We give you the opportunity to create a piece of Jewellery that not only will win the heart of the person you Love but give you the satisfaction of creating something that can be handed down for Generations to come.

We make it easy. Contact us and we can take you through the steps to making this piece of Jewellery come to life.

1. You start by chatting either over the phone or by email with our designer to find out your ideas. We can do the entire process online or speak to us over the phone. Of course a face to face consultation can be arranged if you live in the Newcastle Area.  It can be a sketch or photo that you have in mind.
2. Once we have the basic idea we can then transfer that to a CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) Drawing programme. This will be forwarded to you in a realistic 3D design.
We can then make any changes or proceed to transfer the drawing into your dream and bring your design to life.
3. We help you choose the Diamonds or Gemstones that will be best suited to your design and in your price range.
4. We cast your design in the metal of your choice, the stones are set and the final polish completed.
5. The ring is presented to you in a Personalized Ring Box and you will be able to have special words printed on the inside of the lid.

We are not just selling Engagement and Wedding Rings we are the creators of them. We can explain the secrets of choosing a Diamond.
We price our work to suit your budget and alway give you the best value for your money. We don't charge exorbitant fees for the design. We only charge a small fee for the actual CAD drawing. The three factors to consider are the design cost, cost of materials and Labour costs. Our overheads are low, we don't have big shopping Centre Rents to pay. No pressure, we are happy to spend any amount of time to help you with this exciting process.

Please phone 02 4945 0990, -0432500550