What our customers say about our Australian manufactured jewellery from Jewellery Express:

Customer Testimonals for Custom Jewellery

Hi Garry,  Just thought I'd let you know that the proposal was a success, I proposed in Sri Lanka on top of an old rockfortress.  The rings looks amazing and Phoebe absolutely loves it.  She has received lots of compliments already - almost on a daily bases from her clients.  We've had a few people ask for your contact details.  If you send down some business cards we'd be happy to give them out.  We'll need a couple of wedding bands in the near future.
Thanks again.  Cheers Travis.

Hi Gary, Received!!! Looks absolutely brilliant!. I was getting butterflies on the way to pick it up worrying if it looked clunky etc.

I am absolutely amazed how quickly you turned it around for me! Our planned timeline had a little fat in it to allow for all the things that quite possibly gone wrong, but amazinly they didn't.I am extremely happy with the result.

Thank you so much!
I just received the two nameplate necklaces I ordered on Tuesday, they look fantastic!
I am really happy with them and I appreciate your quick turn around time.
Thank you again!

Oooooooooooh, pendant was at home when I got back last night. It is very lovely. Do I have to give it away?? I'd really like to
keep it, but it is for my mum so I will try really, really hard to pass it on to her next Tuesday for her birthday.
A thousand thank yous and then many many more. Next time I will get something for myself.
Julia. . UK

Hi Chris, Thanks so much for your help. You have restored my faith in internet-run companies. My order arrived has arrived safe and sound and it is beautiful. Best wishes from a sunny UK.
Jo-anne. gold & diamond ring

Thank you for the name necklace. She absolutely loved it. You made our day!
Regards, Brad.
Hi Gary & Christine,
Why can't internet companies all be like you to deal with. We are so excited with our purchase, it is perfect. Exactly what was described in your online store. We will certainly be purchasing from you again.
Lucy & Dave Opal & diamoand white gold ring

Hi Gary & Chris,
Thank you so much for the white gold name necklace I purchased from you with the name "Tenille". I gave it to my sister
for her 20th Birthday yesterday and she absolutely loves it
Hi Chris & Gary,
Thank you so much for the white gold name necklace with all the diamonds. It was a perfect gift to give my bride for my wedding gift to her. I know it will always be something she will treasure and wear always. I know where to come know for our first anniversery gift. Cheers,
Inlay opal silver ring   


You did it again!  I can't thank you enough.  The professional way this ring was made and the perfect workmanship is a credit to you.  Thank you again, I will be wearing this ring everywhere.  My wife is still wearing the ring you made for her and loves it.    Gary - Kansas USA
Blue opal & diamonds in gold pendant
    Hello Gary,
My Wife was over the moon when I gave here this beautiful piece of jewellery.  She couldn't believe that I designed it and had it made for her.  When I told her how easy it was she said that she would like to have more made!!
Thank you again!
Roger... Queensland.
    Dear Gary,
November Just to let you know that the rings arrived safely yesterday afternoon.
and I love them! I have already has compliments about my ring and am planning to give my partner his ring tomorrow.  The opals are beautiful - it was really good to be able to see them in detail on the website.

It's also nice when you're buying something so individual ( as opposed to
costume jewellery) to know you are buying from a person and not some massive company.   Keep up the good work!  Best wishes,  Jane.  UK
    Hi Gary,
The pendant arrived this morning and I absolutely love it, thank you! It was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for and was starting to despair of finding it anywhere.  It was bought with a small legacy from my grandma to remember her by and I think she would have been really pleased with it.
Thanks also for the earrings, that was a lovely surprise.  I will definately recommend you to people.

Sarah - United Kingdon

    Hello Gary,
I got the ring today.  It fits and looks great.
Thanks for the stud earrings.

Marion.    New York.    November p.s. I am interested in another ring, but it will have to wait a little
white because I don't have a lot of money right now.

Hi Gary,
I received the pendant yesterday and I think you've done a magnificant
job.  The opal and sapphire really compliment each other beautifullu.
You were right, the photo really didn't do it justice, that stone has some
fabulous colours in it.
Thanks again

Back again! I've attached some designs that are along the ideas I have,
as well as 2 of the loose stones I like the most.  The sapphire is 3mm across  & would be on top.
I have had some nice comments on the ring too!
Thanks Juz.
    I got the ring in my mailbox today.  I am really pleased and proud to have the ring,
What a piece of jewelery....It's got a lot of culture in it if that works....It's like a world ring...I love the way the thing looks...Thank you for something special.....it's perfect just like it is and that's beautiful.....good night.   J. Williams - Guam.

The ring arrived last Friday. It's beautiful.  I cannot believe all the color in the opal. The only thing that could make it better would be if the stone were solid and not a doublet, but then I'd probably have to re-mortgage my home to buy it. It is the most beautiful opal I have ever seen. Thank you so much for the hard work and the final product. I will definitely keep you in mind for more opal jewelry in the future. -Mary
Hi Gary,
It's here!! woo hooo! thank-you thank-you thank-you!
It's magnificent. It fits my thumb perfectly and if I can just can't stop staring at it for long enough I'll send to Stephanie who's in the U.S. She'll be here in May but would go insane if I made her wait until then. Just wanted to let you know I got it and to tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for us. At such a resonable price. You've exceeded my expectations everytime and I do appreciate it very much.
I'll take some photo's tonight and write a testimonial for your website if you'd like.